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Announcing Gwilda Wiyaka's Latest Book
The First runner up in the 2014 COVR Visionary Awards
Alternative Science Division

Spiritual Evolution and Personal
Empowerment In a New Era
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Great Mystery facilitates Life-Long Learning
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Empowering Your Life Through the Art of Shamanic Ceremony
with Gwilda Wiyaka

HawkGwilda Wiyaka, founder and director of the Path Home Shamanic Arts School is a shamanic practitioner and teacher. She is a medical intuitive and preceptor for the University of Colorado School of Medicine, where she provides instruction to medical doctors on the modern interface between shamanism and allopathic medicine.

Gwilda brings her warmth and knowledge to Great Mystery and has designed a series of classes, an introductioy session plus a 3-week workshop to empower the participant to come away from the course with new knowledge and its practical application in our lives.


March 16: The Science of Magic: Practical Application of Shamanism

Introduction · This introductory session will focus on the modern day understanding of shamanism and how both the lay person and practitioner can benefit from its application in daily life.


March 23 Empowered by Nature

Class 1 · Gwilda will uncover the hidden function of shamanism as the conscious interaction between the practitioner and the quantum mechanical level. She will demonstrate how this interaction can be used to empower and support our lives through alignment and cooperation with the laws of nature.

March 30 The Human Body as a Shamanic Vehicle

Class 2 · There are hidden functions of the human endocrine/chakric systems that serve as a link between the individual and the quantum level of life. The mysterious functioning of these systems, forgotten during the ages of less light or luminosity, are once again available. Through the use of shamanic principles, the average individual can now access, read, and affect the quantum level, thereby predicting future possibilities and influencing manifestation.

April 6 The Shamanic Ceremony as a Tool for Conscious Manifestation

Class 3 · Every true shaman is a frequency master. For millennia, the shamanic ceremony has enabled the practitioner to consciously use their chakric system to manage matter/frequency at the quantum level. This class will instruct the participants in performing the basic shamanic ritual.

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  • Each session is 90-minutes of live video streaming with Gwilda
  • Add your voice - ask questions and share your experience
  • Unlimited online access to video recordings of the seminar
  • Introductory Session by donation (suggested donation €15)
  • 3-Part Workshop: €49 euros (approx. $65 US dollars) includes all three classes
  • Full 4 Sessions: €63 euros includes Introduction class + 3-part Workshop

register now Introductory Session (suggested donation €15)

RegisterWorkshop 3-Classes: €49 euros

RegisterAll 4 Classes (Intro + Workshop): €63 euros


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April 26th 2014, 6:00 - 6:30p MT
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