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In our exposure to increasingly sensational media where things are always blowing up, we have come to miss the subtleties of life. With constant input painting the world as a place of extreme volatility, it is understandable that we tend to superimpose this sensationalism onto everything around us, including the way we understand myths, legends and prophecies.

When the world didn’t blow up on December 21, 2012 or wasn’t overrun by aliens, when the third world war didn’t break out in earnest, or the sun didn't go nova, the date was considered a “non-event” and we assumed the prophesies were wrong. Nothing could be further from the truth. Something has been happening. And something continues to happen. The frequencies bathing our solar system have been undergoing radical alteration due to our relative position in the galaxy and, in turn, our galaxy’s relative position in the universe. So what does this mean for us and what does this book have to offer that is unlike all the hype and hysteria we have been bombarded with as of late?

Gwilda Wiyaka’s new book: So, We’re Still Here. NowWhat? Spiritual Evolution and Personal Empowerment in a New Era(Swan•Raven & Co., April 2013) reveals that tremendous influences are occurring and will continue to occur, which will affect us for quite some time. So what does this mean for us and what does this book have to offer that is unlike all the hype and hysteria we have been bombarded with as of late?

Some of the Galactic events that are all converging and affecting us at this time:

  • For the first time in 12,000 years, Earth is fully in the photon band of high frequency particles.
  • The 4th world of the Mayan Calendar came to an end and we are entering the 5th World of the Mayan Calendar.
  • We reach the crossover point in the Mayan Calendar transitioning from a positive/masculine overlording polarity to a negative/feminine one, marking not the end of time, but the beginning of an entirely new cycle.
  • The progression of equinoxes directs the earth’s magnetic north pole toward galactic center. This results in a direct interface between the earth’s magnetic field and the black hole located at the center of our galaxy, which transmutes all matter drawn into it, bathing the earth and all on her surface in increased frequency/light.
  • We enter the Age of Aquarius.

Covering many diverse topics such as astrology, astronomy, physics, anatomy, nutrition, chakras, the Mayan calendar and indigenous legends, this significant primer demonstrates their interrelationship with shamanism, evolution and personal empowerment. Wiyaka introduces ancient techniques of Shamanism as an established and reliable method used for over 40,000 years by cultures across the globe to manage matter at the quantum mechanical level, because the ancients somehow understood that any change at the energetic level of life eventually manifests as physical change. In down-to-earth, scientifically based concepts, Wiyaka demonstrates how the application of this ancient practice can be a major key in stepping out of the current exploitative system and into personal empowerment.

Included in this rich text are easy to follow instructions on entering a shamanic trance and its application in daily life. Through this information and the application thereof, the reader gains a deeper understanding of the way life works and how to be propelled by the powers inherent in the universe. Practical tools in the form of exercises and shamanic techniques are provided to empower novices and seasoned spiritual seekers alike, to take control of their personal power, build the life they want to live, and to live their potential.

There is and has been a tide building—a tide of change. We can cooperate with and be propelled by this tide, or keep our heads firmly in the sand and let it wash over us. So, We’re Still Here. Now What? is a guide book on navigating these powerful tides. Through the principles in this book, the average individual can learn to recognize, understand and cooperate with the changes upon us. Should we choose to evolve with the frequencies of the times, these very changes will propel us into our amazing potential as co-creators.


So We're Still Here, Now What?

We stand at the precipice of a remarkable adventure, the adventure of human evolution. We may have been here before, but never in recorded history and never exactly like this. By simply being alive during these potent times, we have become the chosen ones to steward an entirely new way of being.

The wheels have turned, the cycles progressed, and we are moving from a polarized existence into unity consciousness. What does this mean to us as individuals and as a people? We have the opportunity to move beyond the current system that has served us well in the past but is becoming increasingly restrictive. We can now become the co-creators of our experience. We can work magic on the physical plane. In unity consciousness there is no war, because there is no cause for war. There is no loneliness, because there is no separation. There is no poverty, because we can manifest at will.

But I get ahead of myself. Without first building the foundation of understanding, this may appear at very least, a pipe dream, if not the ravings of a lunatic. Bear with me.

In order to see where we are going, it is necessary to reframe where we have been. It's important to make clear that there is nothing wrong with our past. As we expose the underbelly of past and current existence, the information may seem a bit negative if not paranoid. This is not the case. All has been perfect, given the lack of expansiveness we've had to work with, but now we are moving into a time of greater light.

~ Fear not; everything is truly in divine order. It is simply a matter of perspective. ~

Please join me as we map out the adventure of a lifetime. You may very well find this to be your personal Map Home. 

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