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You are not alone. We are all in this together. As our planet Earth moves into ever increasing light during these times of intense transformation, there are currents that affect us all. These writings are intended to share the latest information on these ever-changing currents in order to support our evolution as individuals and as a people.

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Gwilda Wiyaka
March 2014

As we move more fully into the Grand Cross, Uranus - Pluto and Jupiter - Mars, we are being increasingly challenged to become more self-empowered and self-responsible. At the same time, the old system continues to be exposed as corrupt and exploitive. Those immersed therein are increasingly polarized, driven into frenzy by phobia and fear of disempowerment.

The subversive power of the global elite is being challenged on every level as the power of the individual threatens its heretofore unchallenged reign of tyranny.

To those of us invested in personal empowerment and spiritual evolution, this probably sounds like good news...

Well, it is...and it isn't.

It is great news in that it serves as further evidence of the fifth world emerging from the fall of the fourth.

The not so pleasant aspect of this development is that the fourth world is not only around us, but within us.

To quote Spock, "constant exposure does result in a certain amount of contamination." We have been in the soup of the fourth world for generations and it has permeated our very genetic structure.

To add to the complexity of the Grand Cross, the sun has been blasting us with X class flares and asteroids have been flying through the earth-moon system. On March 6th, two fireballs pierced the earth's atmosphere - one over New Mexico appearing brighter than the full moon and shaking houses from the sonic boom. The other exploded over Canada so brightly that the flash turned the night sky blue.

All these stellar events serve to increase the ambient frequencies exponentially, pushing to the surface hidden denial, fourth world patterning and agendas. This is putting massive pressure on the individual as well as the system.

Never before has it been so important to have compassion for ourselves and each other. At the same time, we must not put ourselves in the position of being damaged by someone else's frenzied flailing as they thrash in terror of losing the only operating systems that have fed them. Most importantly, we must stay in process and be mindful not to project our own fear onto those around us.

We are all in this together. Each according to our gifts, each according to our limitations. To quote Christ, "let he (or she) who is without sin throw the first stone."

So the key this month is to take responsibility for our own fourth world garbage as it emerges, and dodge that flying around from others.

These are the days when the fourth world has definitely hit the fan.

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standing in the wind


By Gwilda Wiyaka

There is so much more going on than meets the eye at this time.  Because of our separation consciousness, we tend to take things way too personally.  As we move further into unity, we are subject more and more to the process of the whole yet we fear it is all our own internal experience.  In so doing, we come to inaccurate conclusions about our personal process.  We may feel there is some outside action required from us to “fix” what is “wrong”.   We may think we are deteriorating, or going backwards, failing to heal.

We are standing in the wind judging our vision, balance and hearing as the gusts buffet us with the dust of the ages.  Yet, what is one to do about the wind?  Stop it?  Fight it?  Run from it?

Stand tall, face the wind with joy, this is distortion and separation as it is being blown away.     Yet, it is not the outside process we need concern ourselves with but our own renditions of the theme.  The greatest gift we can offer the planet at this time is dropping our own resistance and entering into our own process with gratitude that we have progressed enough to be available for the task.

As we do this on a personal level, we reenter unity and become the wind.

As we reenter unity, everything we process is processed for the whole. This is sacred work for sacred beings.  Never underestimate inherent purity and power of who you are.

You are loved and you are love.

Many Blessings,






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